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VZ Enhanced 56K

VZ Enhanced 56K is a caller ID notifier that can block phone calls through the use of a 56K modem. It can block incoming calls based on individual phone numbers, ranges of phone numbers, and even caller ID names.

HTTP Downloader

HTTP Downloader is a download manager for the HTTP(S) and FTP(S) protocols. Maximize your download throughput by utilizing high performance input/output completion ports (IOCP). HTTP Downloader can open thousands of connections at a time and consumes very little system resources.

HTTP Proxy

HTTP Proxy is an HTTP(S) proxy that can relay HTTP(S) traffic. See all the traffic that goes through your web browsers or any other HTTP(S) based program. Uses high performance input/output completion ports (IOCP) to handle multiple connections.

MD5 Bruteforcer

MD5 Bruteforcer is a CUDA based MD5 bruteforcer. Brute force millions of MD5 hash values per second with optimized MD5 algorithms.

Monitor Off

Monitor Off will turn off the computer's monitor. A simple system tray program that lets you turn the monitor off with a mouse click or keyboard shortcut.

Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator generates one-time passwords for Google accounts.

Google Search Results Filter

Filter out domains that appear in the Google Search results. This is a WebExtension for the Firefox web browser.

More Projects

Thumbcache Viewer - Extract thumbnail images from the thumbcache_*.db and iconcache_*.db database files found on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

Thumbs Viewer - Extract thumbnail images from the Thumbs.db, ehthumbs.db, ehthumbs_vista.db, Image.db, Video.db, TVThumb.db, and musicThumbs.db database files found on various Windows operating systems.

VZ Enhanced - A caller ID notifier that can forward and block phone calls. It is a lightweight, feature-rich version of Time Warner Cable's VoiceZone™ Connect.